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Talamus Benchtop Bioreactor


The compact architecture has been specially designed to meet the wide range of needs in every field of biotechnology. In particular, the remote monitoring features of the system offer users the opportunity to work “location independent” in accordance with the age we live in. Multi-user access possibilities, which have become a necessity in multidisciplinary studies from different locations and multidisciplinary studies, have increased the level of operational excellence of the system.

Main System Components:

1- Bioreactor / Fermenter Design: The reactor unit, which is specially designed according to user demands, has sensors that record many physical and analytical parameters.

The parameters measured, recorded and/or controlled are: pH, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Conductivity, temperature, optical density (OD), agitator speed, level, biomass, effluent gas analysis, feed rate – flow rate and other parameters according to the user’s request.
Reactor systems can be one or more. With Talamus you can control the whole system with a single control unit.
The Bioreactor / Fermenter system has a wide range of port options that can meet all the demands of the users. Since the system is offered as modular, the user requests only the components he needs. Thus, the cost is reduced.
Moreover, all parts of the system can be autoclaved.

2- Recording and Control Unit: Basically, it records and interprets the information coming from the sensors in the reactor(s) and produces the action (automatic control) requested by the user. BioSIS has created an electronic design that will fulfill this basic function and meet all laboratory and industrial needs.

  • “Touch and lifetime screen” It provides easy operation and 7-24 uninterrupted – trouble-free use.
  • Recording and Monitoring Function: BioSIS has the ability to record and display data from all sensors in the bioreactor/fermenter system. All recorded data can be easily analyzed in a time-dependent data table on the touch screen and can also be exported via “USB flash memory” or “ethernet connection”.
  • Data Table Display: Recorded data can be analyzed in the “data graphs display” and can also be displayed at any time.
  • Control Functions: With BioSIS, parameters such as pH, temperature, DO, and mixing speed measured in the bioreactor/fermenter system are controlled online. BioSIS uses PID control as control logic. In this way, fast and precise control is provided.
  • Remote Monitoring and Control Functions: “Multi-user access facilities” and “remote monitoring/control” features, which have become a necessity in studies carried out from different locations and multidisciplinary studies, have increased the operational excellence level of the system. From any point with a network connection, the process can be monitored online by connecting to the BioSIS bioreactor system and the recorded data can be analyzed. In addition to this


Security Functions: The system is equipped with alarm and security functions to protect the process. Up to 12 users with different access authorizations can be defined in the system. This prevents unauthorized personnel from changing the control parameters and protects the system. In addition, alarms can be defined for different levels of each measured parameter. Hardware-based alarms can also be defined and the system gives an alarm if it cannot receive information from any sensor. All alarms are recorded instantly and can be analyzed later.


Technical Details


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