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From Idea to Product

Talamus produces bioreactors and fermenters and provides consultancy services to customers about all production stages of biotech products. Talamus’ consultancy services include identifying microorganisms and providing consultancy from small-scale production to industrial-scale production.

Biotech Product Consultancy Services
Talamus’ biotech product consultancy services are designed to provide full support to customers in all stages of the project. Talamus engineers and scientists contribute to the planning of all processes starting from the creation of the idea, from feasibility analyses to the product. The consultancy services include identifying microorganisms, providing consultancy for small-scale production to industrial-scale productions, and providing support in all stages of the project.
Biotech Product Development Process

The biotech product development process is a lengthy, high-stakes journey that takes years. The stages of product development in biotech are commonly known to be the following: preliminary research, discovery, product characterization, formulation, delivery, packaging development, and drug disposition
Talamus’ consultancy services provide support in all stages of the product development process.